We’re so pleased that so many of you have taken the time to let us know that you watched and enjoyed the PBS special “Watch Your Mouth” that was produced here in Cleveland by WVIZ/Ideastream. It has been archived by the PBS station and can be found on the WVIZ/Ideastream website.

The segment that features our patient Ms. Jamie Francis undergoing care in our office is in part 1 – “Treating the Anxious Patient“.  Did you know as many as 20% of of patients who don’t make regular visits to the dentist cite fear as the primary reason? As you will hear in the video, for many people the fear comes from the needle, pain and fear of the unknown. To alleviate this fear, Dr. Marsh has turned to the “show, tell, do” technique of communication. This type of communication is the #1 method of relieving anxiety.

Communication can also play a role in the overall health of a patient. Most of our patients mentioned that they were unaware of the role that oral bacteria (“biofilms”) plays in their overall health  until they watched the show. Speaking with patients, communicating with patients via the web and videos has helped our patients gain a greater appreciation for the role our dental hygienists play!

Thanks again for watching our “Watch Your Mouth” segment…

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