Dr. Steve Marsh Review – From Yelp

By Tim R.

I’m a big fan of Dr. Marsh and the whole team there. They are the first dental practice that I don’t dread going to. Heck, I don’t even have to fight with my wife to get her to go!

They all have a way of just making you feel special or important. It’s about the little things, remembering about your life and your job, that let you know they care.

I’m always happy to chit-chat (distract) Karin and Alysia at the front desk. Always super friendly, always crazy helpful (even when your insurance company is making things difficult)!

I have had my cleaning done by both Debbie and Amy and both of them are excellent. Some of the best conversations you can have while tools are in your mouth. What I really appreciate (as a nerd) is that they are using all the cutting edge technologies and techniques to do the job. If you haven’t had a hydro-sonic cleaning (is that what it’s called?) you should try it. My previous dentist was using all the same tools and techniques as I saw in use when I was a child, aside from amalgam fillings which nobody uses anymore.

And what can I say about the good doctor himself. He just gives this feeling of being a genuinely nice and caring person. He also cares very much about his art, and what he does for your mouth really is an art. Just today I had a cleaning and exam, and even after the exam we sat and talked about how getting older affects you and the different perspectives we may have given our age difference. That was great, and I really appreciated it.

Another anecdote, if you’ll permit me, is that after my wife had a filling done by Dr. Marsh, he personally called her later that evening to see how she was doing. Not an automated thank you e-mail, not having (the lovely) Karin call her. He called himself. That meant a lot to her, and to me.

Final tip – they have a numbing mouthwash they can give you when doing cleanings. I’m a bit of a pansy when it comes to pain so I use it every time. So good, but don’t drink coffee afterward because you can’t tell how hot it is. Burned my mouth one time!

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