We’re often asked about the use of porcelain in dentistry, in terms of both color/shade and strength. Porcelain is most frequently used for crowns and veneers, the crowns used to cover the tooth completely (around the front, sides, and back, like a “cap”), while the veneers covers the front on the tooth, overlapping the edge. Porcelain fillings are also called inlays, and like a puzzle piece fits within the confines of the tooth, while onlays fill the inside and may wrap around the outside. These are often confused with composite filling material, which is the most used filling material today. Though both are very esthetic, true porcelain fillings are generally fabricated by a dental laboratory and takes two appointments and are a much bigger investment. Composite fillings are placed at the time of the decay/cavity removal by the dentist or EFDA (expanded function dental auxilliary). In either case, porcelain fillings and composite ones look great and function well!
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