We’ve had a number of patients compliment us on how we’ve responded to the Covid issues. (These can be seen on our site on both the first page and under patient comments). Some of the changes have included removal of magazines and snacks in the reception area, though we intend to replace them as soon as it is prudent. In the treatment areas, we have new air filters in the hallways and special mouth mirrors to help eliminate aerosols. Our team wears hair coverings, as well as disposable gowns and shields. These latter changes should be permanent fixtures, not unlike our move to gloves and masks over 25 years ago.

Our team at ClevelandSmiles also wants to complement our patients. They’ve learned to call from their cars to answer questions, take their temperatures both in the lobby and in our office, and have shown understanding on the protocols that we have put in place for their safety and our team’s safety.

Thank you, our friends and patients, for your patience!