Cleveland Smiles’ Patients Hosted Two Events

In November, there were two well-attended benefits in greater Cleveland hosted by two of our patients. The first, “Flashes of Hope,” focused on children who have been affected by cancer; Allison and Kip Clarke founded the organization which has spread to many cities in the United States. In Northeast Ohio, it is well-supported by the Cleveland Cavaliers, whose players walk the runway with cancer patients. We were pleased to be in attendance and had the opportunity to see our friend Quinn Clarke, looking dapper and smiling brightly.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Tausig cancer center was the beneficiary of the “Scott Hamilton Cares” evening, organized by our patient and friend Liz Lindecke. It, too, was a great success which featured performances by Olympic skaters at the Q with a wonderful reception following the event at the beautiful new Hilton Hotel in downtown Cleveland.

Congratulations and thanks to these wonderful people!