We Became Grandparents for The Second Time!

My wife Wendy - our office insurance expert -and I had a pretty exciting and eventful Fall. We became grandparents for the second time; our daughter Stephanie and her husband Jeff gave Owen a brother, Aiden. They're doing well and soon will be brushing Aiden's baby teeth! Abby, our younger daughter, married Jake in Phoenix, [...]

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Office Using New Portable Laser

We are very excited about our new portable laser, the Navigator from Odyssey.  We've been using it for gum contouring and crown lengthening.  It can also be used for apthous ulcers/canker sores.  It takes seconds to use, with virtually no pain or sensitivity, and the healing is great.  The laser has been demonstrated at a [...]

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VIDEO: Office Featured in WKYC News Story on Silver Fillings

Did you catch us on TV last night? We made the 11 PM news. Last night WKYC Channel 3 reporter Monica Robbins visited the office, and interviewed us with patient Yvonne Kellogg for our views on concerns with amalgam/silver fillings (for the record, we stopped using silver fillings almost fifteen years ago). Although the American [...]

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