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Cleveland Smiles Featured on WKYC’s “Live on Lakeside”

Speaking of NBC television, we've had the honor of being featured on WKYC-Channel 3's new show, "Live on Lakeside," which replaced "Good Company" daily at 11:00 am.   Host Michael Cardemone visited our office on a number of occasions to look at today's dentistry. We showed the viewers a number of new techniques and materials, including [...]

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It’s Been a Busy Month: Grandchildren & Television Appearances

It's been about a month since my last blog post. Since then, we have been busy awaiting the birth of our first grandchild. Well, on March 29th, Owen was born at 7 pounds, 6 ounces; Owen, our daughter Stephanie, and our son-in-law Jeff are all doing well. Many of you have sent messages and cards, [...]

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Watch Our Television Appearances Online

I was recently asked by a new patient if there was a way to view some of our recent segments on WKYC/channel 3's "Golden Opportunities."  She said that she had "discovered" us by watching the show last week and appreciated that we were giving out education in dentistry that could not be found anywhere else [...]

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Showcasing Perfect Holiday Smiles on WKYC’s ‘Good Company’

Last week, we were featured on a segment of WKYC's morning program 'Good Company.' Dr. Marsh sat down with Joe Cronauer to discuss our passion for those in the teaching profession, and our passion for helping our patients achieve the perfect smile. You can watch our segment in the video window below. Be sure to [...]

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Watch Us on WKYC’s ‘Good Company’ This Wed. 12/14/11

This Wednesday, December 14, be sure to set your DVR to record WKYC Channel 3's 'Good Company' at 10am. We will be on the program to share some of our great cosmetic dentistry procedures. In the meantime, watch this video from our last 'Good Company' appearance in November. Dr. Marsh talks with host Joe Cronauer [...]

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New Flatscreen TVs in the Treatment & Reception Rooms

We've received some nice feedback on our newsletter (where we highlighted our blogs). We would welcome any thoughts on topics we might cover here or in future newsletters on our office and your Cleveland dental care. An item we mentioned in "Smile Update" was our new flatscreen monitors in the treatment and reception rooms. They [...]

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Learn More About Our New Navigator Laser

We love our new Navigator laser.  Wendy and I just spent time at the Ivolclar company in Buffalo getting advanced training on it and are even more thrilled with the opportunities with it; from gum contouring to help with painless canker sore removal.  For more on how the Navigator laser, watch our appearance on WKYC's [...]

Happy Birthday Fred Griffith

Cleveland icon (and patient) Fred Griffith, who has been on both WEWS ABC/channel 5 ("The Morning Exchange") and WKYC NBC/channel 3 for more that 50 years, just celebrated his 82nd birthday! He was feted on "Good Company" last month with an extra-large cake.  Congratulations Fred!!!

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Dr. Marsh and staff on WKYC’s Good Company

We had a very nice response from our patients and friends on TV segments that were shot right in our office and shown on WKYC/Channel 3's daily morning show, "Good Company." The station's Joe Cronauer visited us in late November and watched us at work. One segment even featured Joe's sister, Sharon Porella (of Rivchun's [...]

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Dental Makeovers featured on “Golden Opportunities” and “Good Company”

Dental makeovers will be featured on segments of both "Golden Opportunities" Sunday mornings at 11:30 am after "Meet the Press" and on "Good Company" weekday mornings at 10:00 a.m. during the months of April and May. My next appearances on "Golden Opportunities" will be April 4th, April 18th and May 2nd. We hope this will [...]

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