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Dental Options to Straighten Teeth – Angie’s List Feature

More than one-third of all adults are unhappy with their smile. And many aren't sure what they can do to improve it. A recent article on Angie's List features a variety of options to make your smile the shining representation of your personality you deserve it to be. Our office was featured in the article, [...]

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NBC Show “Parenthood” Features Patient Monica Potter

We were so pleased to see that the NBC Emmy-nominated show "Parenthood," featuring Clevelander and patient Monica Potter, has been so well-received; Ms. Potter has done an amazing job on the show this year! We wish her the very best - and hope the television series continues to get renewed!

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Win Starbucks Gift Cards for Referrals

Our new bi-monthly e-mail contests, created by our office manager Afsaneh, have proven to be very popular.  When we let you know about our WKYC-TV "Golden Opportunity" appearances, Afsaneh includes a quotation that our e-mail recipients are asked to identify; the first three people (after all, the show is on channel 3 in Cleveland) who guess [...]

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Innovations in Patient Service: iPads, Coffee & Snacks!

We always try to be one of the most innovative dentist in Cleveland, and to that end we are hoping to integrate the Apple iPad to make it easier for our patients to update their medical conditions when entering our office. We will have it available in our reception room to fill out patient registration forms and [...]

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