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Silver Fillings Exposed

See Cleveland dentist Steve Marsh talk about the the negatives of silver fillings and the alternatives that he provides at his dental practice.

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WKYC Story on Silver Fillings Going Viral

Great news....we've gone viral - and it's a good thing!!! On the USA Today website, there's an article and a video of the segment WKYC-NBC/Channel 3 did on the replacement of silver fillings that was shown on WKYC on last Wednesday, January 5th. Health reporter Monica Robins put together a very even-handed report which was [...]

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VIDEO: Office Featured in WKYC News Story on Silver Fillings

Did you catch us on TV last night? We made the 11 PM news. Last night WKYC Channel 3 reporter Monica Robbins visited the office, and interviewed us with patient Yvonne Kellogg for our views on concerns with amalgam/silver fillings (for the record, we stopped using silver fillings almost fifteen years ago). Although the American [...]

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