We got a number of calls in the office on yesterday’s segment on WKYC’s “Golden Opportunities” (Sunday, May 20th, 2012). The segment focused on a number of topics that are newsworthy: amalgam fillings, which are filled with one/half mercury, dental radiographs (x-rays), and dental implants.

I explained on the program that we do not place silver fillings and have not done so for the last fifteen years, due to the problems with the mercury content and the disposal of it into the environment. On radiographs, we focused on the importance of yearly x-rays so that decay and bone problems can be spotted early. During X-Rays the use of a lead apron with a thyroid collar as well as digital radiographs, which have 90% less radiation, is imperative. Dental implants can be used to replace both missing teeth and to hold dentures securely.

With each of these techniques, general dentistry here in Cleveland can be done safely and effectively. Those of you who have been patients or would like to become patients should be pleased! You can see a video of the show on Golden Opportunities ‘You Tube’ page.