Our new bi-monthly e-mail contests, created by our office manager Afsaneh, have proven to be very popular.  When we let you know about our WKYC-TV “Golden Opportunity” appearances, Afsaneh includes a quotation that our e-mail recipients are asked to identify; the first three people (after all, the show is on channel 3 in Cleveland) who guess the origin correctly receive a $10 Starbucks card.  Among our first winners, Sheila H. exclaimed that it was “the first time I’ve ever won anything!!!”  We congratulate her and the other winners.

Speaking of Starbucks,  we are thanking those of you who refer patients to our office with a $25 gift card.  Beyond the card, I should let you know that referrals to your family, friends, and colleagues are extremely gratifying to all of us, as you are making us one of the top dentists in Cleveland!  Thanks again for all of your support.