Upon receiving a “Starbucks Gift Card”  from us for her referral of a friend to our office for routine dental care,  a very loyal (she’s been a patient for over 20 years) and supportive patient let us know that the gift was not necessary, and that she was glad to have helped both her friend and our office. She went on to say that “Sheryl” was thrilled with the welcome she received from our staff, from her first phone call through to her first appointment, which included a tour through our facility when she first arrived.

We were very pleased to hear from her, as we have always tried to provide “Ritz-Carlton” -type service. In fact, a number of us went to a continuing education course presented by the hotel chain, and all of us read the most recent book on the “Ritz Carlton” philosophy.  We hope that this attention to detail is carried out in everything we do!