Last week we were visited by WKYC “Good Company” Channel 3 reporter Joe Cronauer, who asked us to feature some of the newest techniques in dentistry (watch the segment in the video window below).  I showed Joe our latest purchase, the Odyssey Navigator Intraoral Laser, which can be used for gum contouring, removal of some oral lesions, and even treatment of canker sores.  The laser is portable and often can be used even without “Novacaine!”  If you’d like to see it or how it can help you, please let a member of our staff here know, and we’ll be glad to show you.

We also demonstrated our Cadent Itero digital impression technique for Mr. Cronauer. He was amazed at the accuracy and comfort of the procedure which eliminates the goopy impression material.  He said he couldn’t wait to share the concept with his WKYC family, as well as his own family. Please share it with yours!!